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Alberta]* Ail of the Blackfoot bands were
camped there: the Bloods., Plegans and Slkslka
[Blackfeet proper],

*I was a young chief then, and 1 was not wise.
With my half-brother, Nompa Winchasta (Two
Men) I took the Asslnibolnes against your people
to raid your horses.

'We found you one night camping on the Milk
River after we had been out seven days looking
for you.

'Next to your camp there was a small coulee
filled with brush9 and I told rny half-brother that
we had better leave the tribe behind us some
distance and crawl Into this coulee and watch
you for awhile before attempting to take your

'We crawled upon our stomachs to within a
hundred yards of your camp, and lay there In
hiding, trying to find a way to get my tribe into
your camp without being seen. It had grown
very dark, and we were about to crawl back and
order an attack, when one of the Blood horses
broke away from the camp and came walking
right toward us. We made small noises and tried
to shoo him in another direction, but he did not
hear us. Then we saw a tall Blood coming after
the horse, but he did not see us in the darkness.
My brother, lying alongside me, pointed his arrow
at him and was going to pull the string, but he did